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With MyGermanWay, you won't be short-staffed.
We teach you German, take care of professional recognition, the necessary examinations and, if required, visas and professional permits.

With our accompanying program, you can easily become an international professional in your practice, laboratory or hospital.

A secure perspective in your practice
  1. Placement of MTRA, MTLA..
  2. Professional recognition
Our own certified academy offers:
  1. German courses
  2. Technical language for radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.
  3. Specialized language for laboratory analysis, hematology, clinical chemistry, coagulation, pathology.
  4. Specialized language courses for nurses Preparation for the specialized language test.
  5. Preparation courses for MTRA and MTLA aptitude/knowledge test.
Placement of suitable candidates

  • We have an extensive candidate pool and an international recruitment network.
  • We find the right candidates for you.
  • In our academy we train medical personnel from different countries who have already completed their training.
  • We pay attention not only to the qualifications, but also to the personality of the candidates.
Technical language training

  • Our candidates learn the German language in our online language school (live via videoconference) up to level B2.
  • In addition, they learn the technical language and we prepare them for professional life in Germany.
  • The learning progress is regularly monitored with internal tests.

Professional recognition

  • Within the framework of professional recognition, we not only take care of the application process, but also of the preparation courses for the aptitude test and the technical language test.
  • The courses "Preparation for the aptitude test" and "Preparation for the technical language test" are certified measures financed by the Federal Employment Agency.

Integration in Germany

  • We offer a complete concept for the search and integration of healthcare professionals.
  • We accompany the candidates throughout the entire process, support them in their integration, organize the search for accommodation, pick them up at the airport, register them for health insurance, help them open a bank account in Germany, etc.

Our concept of search and integration of qualified personnel in the health sector:

In a videoconference of about 30 minutes, we discuss our program and determine together a solution for your needs.

We present you with candidates that match your job description.
Professional recognition
After the statement of intent to hire, we start with the professional recognition and relocation planning.
Starting the job
MyGermanWay then accompanies the candidates to their full professional recognition with on-the-job professional language courses.

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