About us

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help talented people from all over the world to come to Germany and make their dreams come true. We help skilled workers and professionals to find their way in Germany: We offer them the opportunity to acquire and improve their German language skills for their professional field (such as German for medical professionals). We also help them to find the right training place or job. We accompany them and provide them with advice and support so that they do not feel alone. We also offer them individual career guidance and help them find suitable accommodation.


Our vision is a world in which people who dare the adventure of a new life path and come to Germany can realize their full potential. They can realize their dream and make a successful contribution to German society. A world in which there is no shortage of skilled workers, but rather a shortage of satisfied organizations and employees, because every company and every employee has found the perfect match: in short, we help them to build a new life in Germany. At the same time, we help German organizations and companies to find qualified, motivated and suitable foreign workers for their company.


Germany as an opportunity.

Germany often ranks among the top countries in statistics when it comes to issues such as work-life balance, education, real estate, security, income, environment, social life, welfare, healthcare, volunteering and much more. However, there is a catch to all this: to get to Germany, to get it all and get the best out of yourself, you have to overcome the linguistic and cultural hurdle. Of course, it helps to master English, but to integrate 100% into the German culture, you have to master the German language and really understand the German way of life. Ana and Maria are two women with a cool head and a big heart. "German is not an easy language and the culture can seem a bit strange at first glance. But we help and support you. MyGermanWay was founded so that you are not alone on your way and to make it easier for you to start your new and successful life."
The two founders, Ana and Maria, have a few things in common. The two Spaniards are curious, open-minded, inquisitive and courageous. These qualities and their great love of adventure brought them to Germany in the early 2000s. Here they found endless opportunities and, at the same time, great support. This allowed them to realize their dreams, thanks to which they now lead a successful and happy life, both professionally and privately, in Germany. Their paths did not cross until two decades later. They became friends and soon realized that they had a common vision and the same goal: to help other people who, like them, are looking for a new adventure to develop their full potential in the "new land of opportunities". Thus the idea of MyGermanWay was born. "We want to use our experience and our contacts to help others. It's our way of giving back to the country how much we owe it."
In Germany, conscientious work and discipline are important corporate values. German society is very goal-oriented, a so-called meritocracy. Germany is the largest economy in Europe and one of the largest in the world. At the same time, the German population is aging rapidly and there is already a significant shortage of skilled workers in many important fields, such as technical and medical professions. "If you are hardworking, ambitious, motivated and equally willing to learn new things, there are no limits here." Career coach, certified Birkman consultant and has been working in the field of international education for seventeen years. Her strength is international networking.

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